Welfare Units & Scooter Storage

Kingsley Plastics Ltd design, manufacture and install a wide variety of Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) buildings and products.

Being experts in modular building design and construction this website focuses on our latest range of Welfare Units and Cabins plus specialist Mobility Scooter Storage solutions.

In addition to our GRP buildings we also produce a wide variety of GRP products including Roadside Cabinets and Fire Extinguisher Stands.

GRP is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material and its practical uses are virtually endless.

The flexibility of GRP and the cost effectiveness of its composite materials also make it an extremely affordable solution plus it has a high strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength.

GRP is non-conductive, RF transparent, and helps to insulate against electromagnetic fields plus it has superior acoustical properties and can be manufactured in numerous finishes, textures and colours.

For more information on our GRP products and services contact Kingsley Plastics on 01837 83154.

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