Mobility Scooter Storage Options

Kingsley mobility scooter garages and sheds can house anything from a single scooter, a pair of scooters or up to 20 scooters at a time and are extremely simple and easy to operate, requiring minimal maintenance. Plus our mobility scooter garages can easily be relocated if required.

mobility scooters storageEach GRP scooter garage, irrespective of size is supplied with a fully certified internal socket point which enables the scooter or chair to be charged safely within the store, hassle free.

In addition to the sockets Kingsley also supply fitted as standard internally switched lights plus externally P.I.R (infra red) security lighting so that as soon as anyone upon a scooter or wheelchair approaches the housing, the external light automatically engages to give light to the entrance of the unit.

Kingsley Scooter Storage units are manufactured using Anti-Vandal heavy duty GRP and can be supplied in any colour within the BS 4800 full spectrum and range of colours, or if preferred they can be supplied with a simulated Brick & Stone external finish in order to blend in with any localised buildings or walls.

Each grp storage unit is supplied complete with an automatic roller shutter front door which enables swift and easy access for every scooter or wheelchair plus a lockable single person entry door with security window.

 welfare facilities on siteKinsley Plastics Ltd can offer you the full service of a UK quality made grp products with a 35 year history that can be delivered nationwide by one of our very own hi-ab equipped lorries, or assembled 'flat packed' upon site as well as a full after care package rivalled by no other.

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