Welfare Facility Q&As

Q) My staff work in remote workplaces without plumbing and a water supply what facilities should I be providing?

A) You need to provide toilet and washing facilities as well as drinking water. If these remote locations are only temporary then at the very least you should consider providing chemical toilets and water for washing plus bottled drinking water.

Q)  Do I need to provide drinking water?

A) Yes all employees should have access to drinking water.

Drinking water should be provided that is free from contamination and ideally from a public source although bottled water can be used as a secondary supply.

Q) Do I need to provide a room for employees who want to smoke?

A) No. Smoking in enclosed public spaces and at workplaces is currently against the law and employers are therefore not required to provide separate facilities for smokers.

Q) What facilities need to be provided for meal breaks?

A) There should be a suitable seating area for workers to use during breaks. This area should be kept clean and located where food will not get contaminated.

There should be washing facilities nearby and means for food to be heated or water for hot drinks.

Q) What changing facilities do I need to provide?

A) If your employees are required to change into and wear specialist clothing then you need to provide enough changing rooms for them.

Changing rooms must be:

  • readily accessible
  • contain or lead directly to clothing storage and washing facilities
  • provide seating
  • provide a means for hanging clothes (peg or hook)
  • ensure privacy

Separate changing facilities should be made available for men and women.

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